The passion about gravel bikes and ultra cycling brought us here.

In the beginning of 2019, we decided to launch Pack2Ride as a side job, a family initiative to make bikepacking bags accessible for more people. We would not envision to have ended up starting a new adventurous journey in search of the most durable and functional materials with an enthusiasm about the aesthetics to them. Pack2Ride designs and manufactures hardwearing equipment, a product range that covers the needs of cyclists with must-have features, simplistic design, attention-to-detail craftsmanship and durability, accompanying your journeys for a lifetime.

As a consequence of our passion for bikepacking, we decided to settle down and dedicate ourselves to the business; we are very consoled by the fact that the products and equipment we create travel to the far reaches of our planet. In the year 2021, we also started producing metal accessories, meeting all the needs of bikepackers on a broader range. Today, in 2022, we are proud to be operating globally, having customers and ambassadors from all around the world.

Pack2Ride is run on certain pillars of values.

We hold the notion that a business is successful to the degree that it helps the community it operates in. Thus, all Pack2Ride gear is designed and made in our hometown Eskişehir and İzmir, collaborating with the local communities and contributing to their developments. With our equal labour participation principle, we make sure women participate in every stage of our production line. It is noteworthy that Pack2Ride is founded by entrepreneurs Mrs. and Mr. Tekin.

Preserving and caring for nature is our top priority. We love nature, we enjoy nature and we are a part of nature. And, we are well aware of the impact of non-durable goods on our planet. Thus, to reduce our carbon footprint, we only produce long-lasting outdoor equipment with a lifetime warranty. And, no matter what part of the world you are, we provide the best service for all Pack2Ride gear. Please ask for it.