The Léman Gravel Challenge took place on May 18th -20th along the landscapes of Lake Léman on a unique 360 km route starting and ending in Lausanne, Switzerland.

From the rugged hills of the Jura Mountains to the magnificent Georparac du Chaplais in France, to the unique passes of the Alps and the vineyards of Lavaux, it was a fixed-route event where adventurous spirits pedaled with pleasure and made unforgettable memories.

Although Lausanne Gravel is a Swiss-based community, cyclists from many nationalities participated, pushing both their physical and mental endurance to complete the course at the best possible  time. We were honored to share such a great excitement.


Within the scope of Leman Gravel, Karman Zipper Wallet, specially designed for the event, was produced as a special gift to be distributed to the participants. Karman is a handcrafted product with a highly water-resistant structure and quality materials with special attention to every detail. It is designed as a practical accessory that participants can use during and after the event. These specially designed products were highly appreciated when given to the participants.


We shared not only a difficult route but also a common dream with the adventure-spirited cyclists pedaling on this long and challenging route.

The King of the Léman Gravel Challenge was Justinas Leveika, who completed the 360 km course in 17 hours and 24 minutes, beating the Komoot Pro level estimated time by 16%! (Instagram: @justin.and.bikes) 

The Queen of the Léman Gravel Challenge is Mathilde Germanier, who finished the course in 23 hours. (Instagram: @twentysevenspokes) Mathilde not only caught up with all the female participants on the course, but also reached the finish line before them.

Julie von Gruenigen and Raphael Schröder won the DUO category of the Léman Gravel Challenge 2024 in 22 hours and 56 minutes!  

We are proud to have been with you since day one as your most trusted companion. 🚴‍♂️

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